The Most Common Golf Mistake

Most Common Mistake in Golf

Let’s be honest – golfers make a lot of mistakes. The average golfer struggles to break 100 on a consistent basis, so there are plenty of mistakes to go around over the course of 18 holes. However, some mistakes are more common than others. In fact, there is one common golf mistake that outranks all […]

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Best Golf Shoes – 2013 Shoe Guide

Best Golf Shoes

Good golf shoes will both allow you to play your best and look your best on the course. Combining style and function, golf shoes come in all different shapes, sizes and colors – so there is bound to be a pair that you will just love. One consideration you no longer need to think about […]

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Secret Golf Tips – What the Pros Use

Secret Golf Tips

Have you ever wondered what you favorite Tour player is thinking as he is walking up the fairway? Or maybe how he manages to swing the club so consistently time after time, even under tremendous pressure? You aren’t alone. Many golfers would love to get in the minds of the best players to found out […]

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Five Top Rated Golf Bags

Top Golf Bags

Most golfers spend many hours deciding on their golf clubs, but much less effort is put into selecting a golf bag. Your bag will not only hold your clubs during the round, but also any supplies like food and drink that you want to bring along. Additionally, if you enjoy walking the course, you need […]

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Golf Trips in a RV

RV Golf Trips

Traveling by RV is a great way to see the country and avoid going in and out of hotel after hotel. RV’s let you stay in places that are otherwise not accessible for travelers, and you can bring along just about as much stuff as you wish. For the golfer, this means it’s no trouble […]

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Five Best Golf Trips

Best Golf trips

Taking a golf vacation is a treat that every golfer should experience once in their lives – and hopefully many more times than that. There is something about playing golf away from home that is uniquely enjoyable. It probably has to do with the great weather in vacation destinations, the fact that you are away […]

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Best Five Golf Practice Drills

Golf Practice Drills

There is no shortage of drills available for golfers to use in their pursuit of better scores. In fact, there might be too many drills available for golfers to consider – often leading to confusion rather than improvement. The following five drills comprise a great practice routine that is sure to have your swing on […]

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Golf Caddies Secrets

Golf Caddy Secrets

Do you ever wonder what the caddy is doing all day while wandering around the course with the players on TV? Clearly, they are doing more than just carrying the bag, but to the casual observer it is not always obvious what they are doing. The best golf caddies have secrets that not many other […]

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