5 Gadgets Every Golfer Needs

by Golf Pros

Golf Gadgets

Golf is a great game that allows you to enjoy green grass, sunshine, and the camaraderie of some friends. As if that wasn’t enough, golf has become home to some of the coolest gadgets around. Who doesn’t love gadgets? A quick search around the internet will reveal a whole world of gadget options that can be a great addition to your golf experience.

Five Gadgets Every Golfer Needs

Consider the following list of five gadgets that no golfer should be without.


Are you still walking your distance off to the nearest sprinkler head? If the answer is yes, you are probably also wondering what this whole ‘cell phone’ thing is about as well. Rangefinders have been around for some time now, but that doesn’t make them any less cool. Just a quick peek through the viewfinder and you will have an uber-accurate measurement to the flag, a tree, the guy in front of you, or any other object.

Digital Camera

A digital camera with a video record function is essential equipment for shooting a clip of your swing and reviewing it later. Watching your own swing on playback helps to correct mistakes, as well as showing you how bad you look in those plaid shorts. If you already have a smart phone, there is a good chance that it is capable of taking quality video useful for swing analysis.

Ball Retriever

This is the low-tech gadget among the bunch, but is no-less fun or useful. Remember all of those balls you dumped into the pond last round? They could have been saved! By adding a ball retriever to your bag, you can quickly recoup golf balls that are within 10 feet or so of the shore. Purchasing a ball retriever will usually pay for itself after just a couple rounds of getting balls out of the muck and back in your bag.

Putting App

There are several different apps now available for download onto your smartphone that can help monitor your putting stroke. You simply purchase a small plastic ‘cradle’ to attach your phone to the putter, and away you go. The app will use the phones accelerometer to track your tempo, swing path, and more.

Remote Controlled Push Cart

Okay – so nobody really needs a remote controlled push cart. But they are just so cool! Imagine being able to order your clubs around like a Jedi with a small remote control kept in your pocket.
These carts look just like the conventional three-wheeled variety, but they are battery powered and don’t require your valuable energy to be pushed down the fairways.

Golf is fun on its own – but it is even more fun with gadgets in hand. Take a look at adding some (or all) of the gadgets above to you arsenal and you will be enjoying the world’s greatest game more than ever before.