5 Things Every Golfer Needs In Their Bag

by Golf Pros

Golf Accessories for your Bag

Are you wondering what you can’t leave home without when you’re playing golf? The difference between a good round and a great round could come down to how prepared you are. Take a little time before you leave home to make sure you have these 5 (or more) things that every golfer needs in their golf bag. Most golfers end up scrambling at the course and paying too much for these things. You can break up the items you need into three different phases of your golf outing. Before you tee off (i.e. warm up), during your round, and then after you finish.

5 Things Every Golfer Needs in their Bag

We are assuming you’re taking a golf cart, but if you’re walking, you might leave behind some of the heavier items. First, check the weather report online or on your local news. Make sure you check the hour-by-hour weather because things can change quickly. A round might start our sunny and warm, but by the turn it could be cold and raining (especially in the mountains or near the shore).

We suggest that you pack a good golf umbrella, pullover jacket and rain pants, and a baseball hat. If the temperature is cool, then maybe a fleece (no cotton!). Additionally, you need to bring a change of socks, and if you can, an extra golf glove.

Here is a list of some other things you’ll need:

  • Athletic Tape / Band Aids
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses / Cleaner
  • Ibuprofen
  • Sharpie Marker
  • Empty Water Bottle (or full)
  • Flip Flops / Sandals
  • Three Quarters – ball markers
  • Short and Long Tees
  • Green Fixer Tool
  • Golf Club Towel / Rag
  • Golf Groove Cleaner

5 Things Every Golfer Needs in their Bag: During the Round

First, make sure you eat. Bringing along snacks (not just the kind you buy from the cart attendant) can make or break a 5 hour round. We suggest bringing 3 bars and you can choose from power bars, granola bars, or anything you pick up from the gas station or supermarket (stay away from too much salt).

Next, wear that baseball hat or visor. Thousands of golfers wane in the latter part of their round by not protecting themselves from the sun. Enervation is the death of all great golf games and it happens without you knowing. Drink a little from your water bottle every hole, not a lot, but to keep you hydrated (but since you have your water bottle, you’ll never be without).

5 Things Every Golfer Needs in their Golf Bag: After the Round

You’re all done. A good or bad score, you’ve had (hopefully) a great time. Before you head to the clubhouse for a drink or two, make sure you 1) Drink plenty of water, 2) Stretch a little 3) Clean your clubs (with your rag and head cleaner). How much do we all hate looking into our bags to find dirty, muddy clubs at the start of a day. Slip into those flip flops, change your socks if you need to, and get that drink. But make sure you pack all these essential items or your round could be a lot worse than it could have been, or was!