Review: Best Affordable Golf Shoes on the Market

by Golf Pros

Affordable Golf Shoes

While walking 18-holes, a golfer will cover about four miles, so it’s important to have the right pair of golf shoes. Novice golfers may just use their athletic sneakers, but they won’t provide the traction needed. There are shoes made for everyday wear on the golf course and while some will cost you a good amount of money, there are plenty of less expensive shoes that will provide you the same comfort and protection without hurting your wallet. What are the best affordable golf shoes on the market?

Review: Best Affordable Golf Shoes on the Market

Best Affordable Golf Shoes: FootJoy GreenJoys – $50 – $70

FootJoy is the leading golf shoe company and offers a wide range of quality shoes at affordable prices. This model has a synthetic PVC upper portion that is easy to clean and have sponge rubber insoles that give you great support. They also come with pulsar cleats from Softspikes that will allow you to remain grounded in the toughest of conditions.

Best Affordable Golf Shoes: Callaway 18C Saddlemen – $40 – $80

Callaway is one of the best companies when it comes to finding affordable golf shoes. Their products are made with the best materials that allow them to last for many seasons. This model has a sleek black look with synthetic upper leather, Chevron comfort spikes, and a waterproof warranty of one year.

Best Affordable Golf Shoes: Hi-Tec Dri-Tec HT6850 – $40 – $50

For those that want to look their best on the golf course, these shoes will allow you to do just that. These Hi-Tecs come equipped with a custom fit insert that will allow them to fit those with regular and wide width feet. These shoes are guaranteed to be waterproof and have Champ Stinger cleats that can be removed and changed with ease.

Best Affordable Golf Shoes: Nike Zoom Trophy – $40

These Nike shoes are perfect for those looking to add a unique look to their golf style. The brown shoes are perfect to prevent the unsightly look of dirt and grass stains and they come with a full two year waterproof warranty. They are made with full grain leather and lateral support system meant to provide the most comfort and support while playing a round at your favorite course. They are one of the best affordable golf shoes on the market today and even come with some of the best spikes in the business, the Scorpion Stinger.

Best Affordable Golf Shoes: Adidas Samba – $40 – $90

The Adidas Samba golf shoe comes in five different color schemes that can fit the modern and contemporary dresser on the course. These golf shoes are made of synthetic leather with waterproof design. It has a six-spike configuration that improves your ability to maintain your balance no matter where you are on the course.