Best Five Golf Apps for Your Smart Phone

by Golf Pros

Best Golf Apps

Love golf? Love technology? Why not combine them to get the most out of both! Many new golf apps have come onto the market for both Apple and Android products, and several of them deserve your strong consideration. Given how attached most people are to their smart phones and tablets these days, it only makes sense to integrate golf into that platform. Consider all of the five golf apps below to enhance your day to day golf experience.

Tech Time – The Five Best Golf Apps for your Smart Phone


GolfLogix offers a GPS app for all different phone platforms in order to turn your phone into an on-course measuring device. Simply run the app while you are playing and you will get accurate yardages to each green and hazard on the course. There is an impressive map display that will help you navigate even on tricky courses that you have never played. You pay a yearly fee to use the service, but it is still a savings over purchasing a stand-alone GPS unit.

iPING Putting App

One of the coolest apps on the market is the iPING Putting app. With the addition of a snap-on cradle that attaches your phone to your putter, you can get readings on your putting stroke through your phone. This kind of analysis would normally be expensive through a professional studio, but you can download this app for free and start practicing right away (although you will need to purchase the cradle).

USGA Rules of Golf

Nobody likes a cheater – but nobody also likes thumbing through the USGA rule book to settle a dispute. With the official Rules of Golf app, you can answer any rules question on the go. The information is fully searchable, so you don’t need to know what number or section the rule is in to get a quick answer. This one will pay for itself when you get to tag your buddy with a two-stroke penalty.

V1 Golf

V1 has long been the leader in golf swing analysis software, and now they offer an app that will bring that power to your phone. Since all smartphones have the ability to capture video, you can quickly shoot a clip of your swing and load it into the V1 app for analysis. For an additional fee, you can send the video off to a professional for a swing analysis that will be delivered right to your phone.

Easy Scorecard Pro

Always losing your golf pencil on the course? Not to worry – this app will have you forgetting about the scorecard altogether. Just download this simple app to your phone and bring up the course that you are playing that day. As the round progresses, enter your scores and other stats into the phone and you will be all set. If you are so inclined, the scorecard can even be shared with your social media friends after the round.

Adding a golf app or two to your smart phone is just the beginning of tapping into the power of technology. Pretty soon you will have a whole screen full of golf apps to cater to your every need, and you won’t remember how you ever played before the days of smart phone technology.