Best Websites for Tracking Your Golf Handicap

by Golf Pros

Online Golf Handicap

Almost every competitive round of golf starts with the same question: “What’s your handicap?” The golf handicap is an incredibly useful invention. It allows players of differing ability to level the playing field when golfing against each other. Without the ability to do this, the lesser-skilled players won’t be able to compete when playing with a more talented golfer. These days, you don’t have to join a private club to track your handicap. There are numerous places online to easily track your handicap.

Best Websites for Tracking Your Golf Handicap


With the help of, Yahoo has made determining your handicap easier. Just simply enter your hole-by-hole performance, entire score for the round, number of putts per hole, numbers of fairways hit, and other aspects of your game, and their system will calculate your golf handicap. They even allow you to set up a group for all your golfing friends to input their stats, allowing all of you to see the handicaps of your friends. This makes Yahoo Sports one of the best websites for tracking your golf handicap.

My Scorecard

My Scorecard operates with the slogan of “Because Everyone Deserves a Golf Handicap.” With this in mind, this websites offers you a free 30-day trial to see if their services are right for you. The website can handle everything from individual scores to group leagues with performance rankings and official USGA handicaps.

The Handicap tracker will give you an official USGA handicap. With your official handicap, you will be able to play in any USGA sanctioned tournament and this website can even save you in the last minute. If you show up to a tournament and didn’t know you needed an official USGA handicap score, will get you yours in just a few minutes. You will also be able to make tee times online with by becoming a member of this site, which is another reason why it is one of the best websites for tracking your golf handicap.

Big Shanks

When using this website, you won’t get an official USGA handicap, but you will get a realistic and close score that you can use when playing with your friends. You can add the statistics of any course you play, making this a great website for tracking your golf handicap as a beginner. You can check all your stats and see what part of your game needs the most help, what hole has been your nemesis at your favorite course, and more.
With all these easy, online options, you no longer have an excuse to go without a handicap.