Golf Pros Diet & Fitness

Golf Pros Diet and Fitness

A good swing isn’t all that’s important to shoot low scores. Diet and Fitness is critical to playing your best. Check our our diet and fitness articles and find the ones that are right for you.

Golf Nutrition: What You Need to Eat to Shoot Low

Golf Nutrition

Most casual golfers probably don’t put much thought into their nutrition during a round of golf. Hot dogs, burgers, beers, candy bars, and other junk foods are most commonly seen been purchased at the snack bar or from the beverage cart. While those snacks might be tasty, they won’t do much good for your golf […]

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8 Golf Exercises that WILL Lower Your Score

Golf Spit Squats

It takes more than banging buckets of balls on the range to lower your score. Improving your fitness and strength will improve your flexibility, increase your power and lower your chance of injury. Perform these exercises 3-5 times a week and not only will you bit the ball farther, you’ll feel better doing it. 8 […]

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