Golf Pros Equipment Reviews

Golf Pros Equipment

It’s important to start with great equipment to get you to shoot low. Check out the latest articles on the right equipment that fits your game and budget.

Best Golf Shoes – 2013 Shoe Guide

Best Golf Shoes

Good golf shoes will both allow you to play your best and look your best on the course. Combining style and function, golf shoes come in all different shapes, sizes and colors – so there is bound to be a pair that you will just love. One consideration you no longer need to think about […]

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Secret Golf Tips – What the Pros Use

Secret Golf Tips

Have you ever wondered what you favorite Tour player is thinking as he is walking up the fairway? Or maybe how he manages to swing the club so consistently time after time, even under tremendous pressure? You aren’t alone. Many golfers would love to get in the minds of the best players to found out […]

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Five Top Rated Golf Bags

Top Golf Bags

Most golfers spend many hours deciding on their golf clubs, but much less effort is put into selecting a golf bag. Your bag will not only hold your clubs during the round, but also any supplies like food and drink that you want to bring along. Additionally, if you enjoy walking the course, you need […]

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The Most Expensive Golf Drivers

Most Expensive Golf Drivers

One of the most exciting parts of golf is blasting a drive right down the middle of the fairway. Thanks to the new technology that is coming into the game, there are a wealth of drivers available for you to choose from and try and make your drives the best they can be. The downside, […]

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Review of the Best Hybrid Golf Clubs

Best Hybrids

Hybrid clubs have been something of a revolution in the world of golf over the last decade. Once the domain of bad golfers looking for an alternative to long irons that they couldn’t hit, hybrids are now in the bag of just about every Tour pro. They offer more distance and a higher flight than […]

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The Most Expensive Golf Putters

Most Expensive Golf Putters

Golf doesn’t always make sense. When a driver costs upwards of $400-$500 or more, it is at least understandable because that club hits the ball the most distance. But a putter for over $300? It only rolls the ball across the grass! While that is true, putters are delicate instruments that require an impressive amount […]

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Don’t Get Ripped Off Buying Used Golf Equipment

Used Golf Equipment

One of the best developments for golfers in recent years is the availability of used golf equipment over the internet. Websites such as Ebay make it easy for golfers to shop around for exactly the club they are looking for, and often get a great deal in the process. However, if you are searching for […]

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Five Ways to Save Thousands Buying Golf Clubs

Save Thousands on Golf Clubs

Golf clubs are expensive – it’s just that simple. Even for the most die-hard golf fanatic, it can get old spending piles of cash on all the latest and greatest equipment in the hopes of shaving a couple strokes off of your score. The good news is that there are a few different ways to […]

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Top Budget Golf Clubs

Top Budget Golf Clubs

If there is a downside to playing the great game of golf, it is that it can be quite expensive. Rounds of golf are rarely cheap, and golf clubs seem to rise in price year after year. The good news is that there are still some excellent golf club options for golfers on a budget. […]

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The Most Expensive Golf Balls

Most Expensive Golf Balls

Golf can certainly be an expensive hobby. Between clubs, greens fees, shoes, and a couple beers after the round, the dollars can really add up. Golf balls can also be an expensive item. Each time you slice a ball into the water, you are flushing money down the drain. If you lose a couple sleeves […]

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Top 5 Golf Wedges of Pro Golfers that Will Fix Your Game

Top Golf Wedges

Golf is an interesting sport to play. Just when you think your game is getting better and you’re improving, you go out and shoot a 110. In a sport like this, your fortunes can change in a hurry. When it comes to the right tools to succeed, you need a great bag of dependable clubs […]

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How to Choose the Right Golf Clubs and Play Like a Pro

Choosing Golf Clubs

The golf clubs you take out onto the course with you play an important role in how you are able to score. Sure, your swing and touch around the greens will always be more important than your clubs, but playing with the wrong clubs will make the game even harder than it already is. By […]

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Pros Advice: The Top Five Drivers for High Handicappers

Best Drivers for High Handicappers

A driver is by far the most-fun club to purchase in the bag. After all, who doesn’t love the feeling of blasting a drive right down the middle of the fairway? While a new driver won’t do all of the work for you, it will give you the best possible chance to hit longer and […]

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Golf Ball Secrets

Golf Ball Secrets

Golf balls, for the most part, all look the same. They are generally white, small, round, and covered in dimples. For the average golfer, there is not much thought that goes into the selection of a golf ball. Any old ball will do, right? Not so fast. Getting a golf ball that is well-suited for […]

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How to Save Hundreds of Dollars Buying Golf Balls

Discount Golf Balls

Playing golf is exhilarating for most. It is a sport that requires a lot of skill and patience. To become a great golfer, you need to practice constantly and purchase the best equipment on the market. When it comes to the initial startup cost of competing in the sport, your golf clubs and shoes will […]

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Best Web Sites for Buying Golf Clubs

Best Websites for Golf Clubs

Buying golf cubs can seem like an overwhelming proposition. What do I buy and where do I buy them? Who has the best prices? Fortunately, there are a number of terrific websites to help you find and buy the set that’s right for you. While you should still go hit the clubs before you buy […]

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