Golf Pros Travel & Courses

Golf Pros Travel & Courses

You can play the course that’s right around the corner, or travel thousands of miles. Find the best golf destinations at the Golf Pros to fit your schedule and budget.

Golf Trips in a RV

RV Golf Trips

Traveling by RV is a great way to see the country and avoid going in and out of hotel after hotel. RV’s let you stay in places that are otherwise not accessible for travelers, and you can bring along just about as much stuff as you wish. For the golfer, this means it’s no trouble […]

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Five Best Golf Trips

Best Golf trips

Taking a golf vacation is a treat that every golfer should experience once in their lives – and hopefully many more times than that. There is something about playing golf away from home that is uniquely enjoyable. It probably has to do with the great weather in vacation destinations, the fact that you are away […]

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Top Celebrity Golf Courses

Celebrity Golf Courses

Golf has long been a game that is popular with celebrities. Certainly part of that is due to the status of the game long being associated with wealthy people and country clubs, but it is also because golf is just a great way to relax. Four or five hours on the grass under the sun […]

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Top 10 Most Expensive Golf Courses in the U.S.

Most Expensive Golf Courses

No matter where you play, golf takes a lot of practice and money to improve your game. For some, golfing just once a week at your local 9-hole course can become too costly to keep playing, but for others, money isn’t an object. What are the top 10 most expensive golf courses in the United […]

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What Cars are Top Golf Pros Driving?

Golf Pro Cars

When you are known as one of the best golfers in the world, there are certain perks and rewards available to you beyond just fame and fortune. If you were a huge car lover growing up and became a star playing golf, you will have the chance to show off your money like other top […]

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Top 5 Mountain Golf Destinations

Mountain Golf

If you ask more experienced golfers who have played around the world what their favorite part of the trips was, you would likely hear the scenery. Those that play only at their local muni may only see trees, makeshift ponds, and occasional wildlife. When you take your golf game on the road, you will see […]

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5 Secret Golf Courses Anyone Can Play

Secret Golf Courses

Discovering a great golf course that very few other people have played is a thrill for the avid golfer. Courses that are out of the way or just little-known for some other reason are often in great condition, set in beautiful scenery, and offer a peaceful day of fun on the links. It is not […]

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Top 5 Desert Golf Destinations

Desert Golf

Golf is a game that feels like it was meant to be played in the desert. The warm, dry air makes the ball fly with ease, and even the sore muscles of older golfers feel better when playing under the sun. Desert golf courses are some of the most beautiful in the world, given the […]

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The Most Exclusive Golf Resorts

Most Exclusive Golf Resorts

Playing resort golf is an experience that shouldn’t be missed when the opportunity arises. Some of the most exclusive resorts offer championship-caliber courses, great food, beautiful accommodations, and a quiet, peaceful setting. Often, these resorts are located near other attractions for a whole vacation experience that will never be forgotten. When planning your next trip, […]

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5 Secret Golf Destinations

Secret Golf Destinations

Playing golf while on vacation is one of the best ways to experience the game. Not only are you free from the pressures of work and daily life, but you also have the chance to play courses that are much different from what you are used to. Rounds of golf played on vacation tend to […]

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How to Score Discount Golf Tickets

Discount Golf Tickets

One of the most disturbing parts of buying tickets to sporting events is the insane cost to you to attend these events. For the larger events, whether it is the Super Bowl in football, or even Wrestle Mania in professional wrestling, tickets prices for these events can make you cringe. The same can be said […]

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5 Top Family Golf Vacations

Family Golf Vacations

The family vacation is a time-honored American tradition. The best family vacations offer a fun environment, great food, good weather and activities for everyone. Adding golf to that mix can make it challenging to find the perfect vacation destination, but we’ve found the best resorts that combine all these elements for the best family golf […]

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