Don’t Get Ripped Off Buying Used Golf Equipment

by Golf Pros

Used Golf Equipment

One of the best developments for golfers in recent years is the availability of used golf equipment over the internet. Websites such as Ebay make it easy for golfers to shop around for exactly the club they are looking for, and often get a great deal in the process. However, if you are searching for used golf clubs on the web, you need to know a few rules in order to avoid getting ripped off.

The Rules of Shopping for Used Golf Equipment

Beware Old Drivers

Drivers, by far, wear out faster than any other clubs in the bag. Since they are swung at such a high speed, and built with thin faces to maximize distance, they will wear out and lose their distance sooner than any irons will. There is nothing wrong with getting a used driver, but you need to look into how much it has been played. Also, you should get a really good deal when buying a used driver because its useful life is closer to the end than a set of irons.

Putters are Long-Lasting

Buying used putters is a great idea because the face doesn’t wear out (when cared for properly) and their useful life is likely to be longer than yours. Since so many of the putters on the market today are super expensive, buying used is a great way to get top notch technology at a discount price. Make sure to see pictures of any putter you are considering so that you can be sure it has been treated well to this point.

Skip the Wedges

Wedges fall into the category with the driver of not being very durable. You need to have healthy grooves in your wedges, and used ones just won’t have a very long life in your bag. Unless you get a great deal, it is usually better to shop new and pay the extra money to have fresh grooves that you can care for.
Other factors for your consideration…

  • Make sure the equipment hasn’t been tinkered with by an amateur club maker that might not have the skills to install a shaft correctly, etc.
  • Iron sets will last a long time if they are in good condition, so they are ripe for used shopping. Check the condition of the grooves but don’t worry about the grips – those are cheap and easy to replace.
  • Forget used golf balls. You don’t know if they have been at the bottom of a lake, or in an attic for 10 years. Buy new and your money will be well-spent.

There is nothing wrong with shopping for used golf equipment, and you might just find some great deals. Follow the simple rules above when looking for that perfect addition to your bag.