Five Top Rated Golf Bags

by Golf Pros

Top Golf Bags

Most golfers spend many hours deciding on their golf clubs, but much less effort is put into selecting a golf bag. Your bag will not only hold your clubs during the round, but also any supplies like food and drink that you want to bring along. Additionally, if you enjoy walking the course, you need a bag that is lightweight and preferably has a stand. Any of the five bags on the list below are great choices depending on your personal needs and preferences in a top rated golf bag.

On-Course Luggage – Five of the Best Golf Bags

Ogio Chamber Cart Bag

If you only ride when you play golf, having a cart bag will allow for maximum storage of clothing, food, and more. The Ogio Chamber Cart Bag is an excellent choice because of the system it uses to keep clubs quiet while driving around. The top of the bag is divided 14 ways to separate each of your clubs and make them easy to replace and retrieve. Bag also features a cooler pocket to keep your favorite beverage chilled even on a hot day.

Sun Mountain Zero G Stand Bag

For the walkers out there, Sun Mountain has long been among the leaders in the golf bag market. Their latest offering, the Zero G, is maybe the best carry bag that has ever been available. In an effort to make carrying your clubs as easy as possible, the Zero G features a hip belt that can be strapped around your waist to shift the burden of the weight onto your midsection. Made from high quality materials, this is a bag you can use for many years come.

Titleist Lightweight Carry Bag

If you live in, or play a lot of golf in, a dry climate, a carry bag will offer you an even lighter-weight approach to carrying your clubs. This Titleist bag does not include a stand, but it is easy enough to pick up and set down so long as the ground is dry. This bag is also good for storing in your trunk for a quick trip to the range because it is so diminutive in size.

TaylorMade R1 Staff Bag

If you are just dying to look like your favorite Tour pro while out on the course, this bag will do it for you. You can fit just about everything you could ever imagine in this bag, although carrying around might be a bit of a challenge. This Staff bag is made with high quality materials and features the color scheme that matches the entire R1 line.

Sun Mountain Collegiate Superlight Stand Bags

Many golfers are also avid fans of other sports, so why not show that passion on the course? This Sun Mountain bag is made from the same great construction as all other Sun Mountain offerings, with the added benefit of being decked-out in your favorite schools colors and logos. Show your school pride and get a great golf bag in the process.