Five Ways to Save Thousands Buying Golf Clubs

by Golf Pros

Save Thousands on Golf Clubs

Golf clubs are expensive – it’s just that simple. Even for the most die-hard golf fanatic, it can get old spending piles of cash on all the latest and greatest equipment in the hopes of shaving a couple strokes off of your score. The good news is that there are a few different ways to get around that overwhelming expense. With some good decision-making and a little research, you can get the clubs you need and still be able to afford your next round of golf.

Save Thousands When Buying Clubs with these Five Tips

Get to Know eBay

If you don’t already use eBay to acquire golf clubs, you should start right away. You know how your local golf shop clears out all the old clubs to make way for the new (and more expensive) models? Many of those sticks end up on eBay, and can be had for a great price. If you are willing to play clubs that are a model year old, you can get top-end equipment for less than full price.

Pick an Iron Set to Last

Irons don’t wear out the way drivers do, and the technology doesn’t change nearly as fast either. For that reason, you can pick a set of irons and plan of playing them for many years to come. Get a quality set when you first start playing, and you won’t have to purchase a whole new set any time soon. Since good irons can run upwards of $1,000, it is a big money-saver to not be shopping for irons every couple years.

Don’t Fall for the Tour Model Hype

Most manufacturers offer ‘Tour’ versions of their clubs that are supposedly the same ones the guys are TV have in their bags. Here’s a question – do you play on Tour? Probably not. You don’t need those Tour models to play better, and in fact that standard edition will probably fit your game better anyway. Put your ego aside and get the regular model, you will save some big bucks in the process.

Consider Off-Brand Clubs

Just because a brand of golf club isn’t represented by a Tour pro, doesn’t mean it can’t get the job done. Try out some of the lesser-known brands at your local pro shop and see if one of them feels good to you. The prices are often 50% lower, and you won’t feel as tied to the purchase if you decide to change clubs later on down the line.

Buy Your Whole Set at Once

Many manufacturers offer sets of clubs that include all 14 sticks, a bag, and more. If you buy this way, you will save money over purchasing clubs ‘a la carte’. You don’t have as much flexibility in what you get in your set, but finding a brand you like and committing to their package deal is a good way to save big at the register.