Golf Ball Secrets

by Golf Pros

Golf Ball Secrets

Golf balls, for the most part, all look the same. They are generally white, small, round, and covered in dimples. For the average golfer, there is not much thought that goes into the selection of a golf ball. Any old ball will do, right? Not so fast. Getting a golf ball that is well-suited for your game can help you get the most out of your swing and the results will show themselves on the scorecard.

Secrets of Picking the Right Golf Ball

There are four ‘secrets’ that you should know about when shopping for your next box of golf balls.

More Isn’t Necessarily Better

Often when shopping for a consumer good, the assumption is made that the more expensive product will be the better product. That isn’t really the case with golf balls. Expensive golf balls are simply made for better players, while the less expensive balls cater to the average golfer. If you are someone who shoots in the 90’s or higher, the cheaper golf ball will almost always be the better way to go.

Think about Spin

Expensive golf balls spin more than less expensive ones. While backspin can be a good thing to get the ball to stop, sidespin will send you sailing off of the course. Think about your game when picking a ball. Do you have trouble with a slice? That fancy golf ball will only add spin and make it worse. Only when you can hit the ball consistently straight should you consider the higher end ball models.

Conditions Matter, Too

If you play most of your golf in a warm, dry climate, you need a ball that has a decent spin rate in order to stop it on the firm greens. However, those who golf in damp northern climates should look for a firmer ball that will maximize distance since stopping the ball is not a problem. If you go on vacation to play, considering picking up some different golf balls that match your destination.

Golf Balls Wear Out

Depending on your ability level, you might be hitting the golf ball with a club traveling 100 mph or more. If you continue playing the same ball for too long, it will stop performing as consistently as it once did. As a rule of thumb, don’t use the same ball for more than one complete round. You don’t need to throw it away at that point, but relegating it to practice duty would be a wise choice.

If you wish to get better at golf, you shouldn’t just pick up the first box of golf balls that you see in the store. Likewise, you shouldn’t just buy the most expensive box assuming that it will work best for your game. Do a little research and match the ball up to your game for optimal results.