Golf Caddies Secrets

by Golf Pros

Golf Caddy Secrets

Do you ever wonder what the caddy is doing all day while wandering around the course with the players on TV? Clearly, they are doing more than just carrying the bag, but to the casual observer it is not always obvious what they are doing. The best golf caddies have secrets that not many other people know – those secrets are why they stay employed by the best players in the world, and make a lucrative living out of carrying a bag of golf clubs.

The Best Golf Caddies Secrets

Do the Homework

Much of the work that a caddy has to do comes far before the TV cameras are turned on. The caddy needs to know the golf course inside and out so there are no surprises once the round starts. If the player gets off line on a certain hole unexpectedly, the caddy needs to understand the lay of the land and help the player chart a course back to the hole. This homework includes studying the slope of the greens, hidden hazards, deeper sections of rough, and much more.

Always be Positive

A good caddy never lets the player see him or her with a bad attitude. Golf is a hard enough game from a mental standpoint for the player, so it is only damaging if the caddy gets down as well. Caddies are normally encouraging from start to finish, always telling the player that they expect good shots and giving them positive images to focus on. When a round of golf starts to get out of control, it is often the caddy that can pull it back together.

Walk Ahead

Unless the player wants to chat, it is good for the caddy to walk ahead and scope out the next shot before the player even arrives. This is helpful in getting a yardage for the player to consider as soon as he arrives, or to start reading the putt in advance. With slow play always being a concern, a caddy that walks fast and works quickly is a great asset to the player.

Other caddy secrets…

  • If the player is frustrated, bringing up something other than golf to talk about can provide stress relief.
  • A good caddy will rake bunkers for other players just to help pace of play keep up.
  • Checking stock of golf balls, food, towels, etc., is a crucial part of the caddy job.
  • Surprisingly, a good caddy can be the difference for a professional golfer in winning or losing a tournament. With the information and support of a talented looper, the player will be able to put their skills on full display.