Golf Nutrition: What You Need to Eat to Shoot Low

by Golf Pros

Golf Nutrition

Most casual golfers probably don’t put much thought into their nutrition during a round of golf. Hot dogs, burgers, beers, candy bars, and other junk foods are most commonly seen been purchased at the snack bar or from the beverage cart. While those snacks might be tasty, they won’t do much good for your golf game when it comes time to add up the scores. By sticking to some basic rules, you can make sure that what you eat on the course will help you perform your best. Read on for tips on golf nutrition.

Golf Nutrition: What You Need to Eat to Shoot Low

The key to on-course nutrition is trying to maintain a steady energy level over the span of four or five hours. You don’t want your blood sugar level to fall so far that you get tired and lose focus – but you also don’t want it to spike and leave you feeling anxious and jittery.

Don’t Start Hungry

If you can have an average sized meal a couple hours before you tee off, that will help to set you up for a healthy day on the course. Don’t eat anything that might give your stomach trouble, and don’t stuff yourself. The meal should include a nice variety of protein and carbohydrates for optimal effect.

Drink Water Throughout

Often when you get to feeling bad on the golf course, it is a simple case of mild dehydration. Keep a bottle of water with you at all times, and try to sip it as you play. By taking small drinks on a regular basis you will replace the sweat you are losing and stay comfortably hydrated even on a hot day. If you fall behind on drinking your water it will be hard to catch up and feel better, even if you chug a couple bottles at the turn.

Fruit is Your Friend

Natural fruits like oranges and bananas are great on-course snacks because they contain natural sugars. Your body processes natural sugars slower than refined sugars that you find in candy bars and the like. You will get an energy boost from the fruit, but it will be controlled and long lasting.

Candy is not

The refined sugar found in candy bars will send your blood sugar shooting through the roof and you will likely feel shaky and anxious for a little while. None of that is productive for good golf. Sticking with natural food on the course is your best bet for steady energy and good performance.

Golf courses don’t always stock the right choices for your nutrition needs, so bring water and snacks with you when you arrive for your round. With your bag prepared with good dietary choices, you can focus on getting ready to enjoy the day on the links and play your best golf.