How to Choose a Golf Instructor

by Golf Pros

How to Choose a Golf Instructor

Every golfer from a high handicapper to a tour pro can benefit from professional golf instruction. It is one of the quickest ways to shave strokes off your score and improve your confidence. But how do you know the right golf instructor to choose? Here are a few key things to consider before signing up for a lesson.

Goals and Approach

Before taking your first lesson, you want to make a list of goals and share them with potential instructors. Ask them how they will help you achieve those goals, and if they have had success with similar students in the past.


Your buddy who is a scratch golfer may be able to teach you a thing or two but he isn’t an accredited golf professional. Make sure your instructor has been trained in golf instruction and is accredited by the PGA. Golf instruction isn’t brain surgery but there are physical and biomechanical principles involved in the golf swing and your instructor should have a thorough understanding of the science behind those principles.


Just as in any sport, the personality of a coach can influence how well you respond and improve. Does a calm, serious demeanor help you learn best? Or, does a funny, loud instructor help you relax and improve your swing? Whatever works best for you, try to get a feel for the instructor’s personality before signing up so you make sure its a perfect match. Ask your golf buddies who they work with and, odds are, if they like an instructor, you will too.


Video analysis of your swing is one of the most effective golf instruction tools today. Seeing how you actually swing compared to how you think you swing can be a real eye-opener and lead to tremendous breakthroughs. Make sure your golf instructor offers video analysis and that it is part of the price of instruction. If you are considering a golf instructor who doesn’t provide video analysis, you should look for other options.

Other factors to consider:

  • Ability – While your instructor doesn’t have to play like a tour pro, he should be able to play at a competent level and have a history of tournament play.
  • Price – How much is a lesson and can you afford that price on a regular basis? Don’t hesitate to ask for a discount for multiple lessons.
  • Location – Is the golf instructor located near you? Driving an hour each way will make it harder for you to maintain your practice. Ideally, you should select an instructor that is easy to reach from your home or work.
  • Facility – Does the instructor have a practice facility where you can practice what you learn with regularity? Golf lessons are fantastic but if you don’t practice what you learn, you are just throwing your money away.

A good golf instructor can be your best friend and help you improve your game to levels you never thought possible. Do your homework before you sign up and soon all your buddies will be asking you for lessons.