How to Save Hundreds of Dollars Buying Golf Balls

by Golf Pros

Discount Golf Balls

Playing golf is exhilarating for most. It is a sport that requires a lot of skill and patience. To become a great golfer, you need to practice constantly and purchase the best equipment on the market. When it comes to the initial startup cost of competing in the sport, your golf clubs and shoes will be your biggest investment, but in the long run, purchasing golf balls could be the most expensive part of the game. However, there are ways that you can save hundreds of dollars buying golf balls online.

How to Save Hundreds of Dollars Buying Golf Balls

Save Money Buying Golf Balls: Internet Wholesalers

The Internet has made making any purchase easier. There are countless websites to purchase just about any product including golf balls. Websites like Amazon and Overstock regularly offer different varieties of balls. On Overstock, you can get a pack of 48 recycled Titleist ProV1 balls for $52 and a pack of 100 mixed Titleist balls for $42. They also offer other brands including Bridgestone, TaylorMade, Pinnacle, and Nike at a large discount off the regular price.

EBay is another option to for you to save hundreds of dollars each season buying golf balls online. A simple search of “golf balls” on the internet auction website will show more than 50,000 golf ball auctions. These listings include brand new golf balls from the most trusted companies in the world and packages of practice golf balls for use in your backyard.

Save Money Buying Golf Balls: Sporting Goods Stores

When you consider the best ways to get discounted rates on the best golf balls, one of the first options that comes to mind is big sporting good retailers like Dick’s Sporting Goods or The Sports Authority. These sporting goods stores offer a wide variety of products for every sport including golf balls. With their ability to purchase golf balls in large quantities, these stores can pass along their discounted price to you, allowing you to save hundreds of dollars during each golf season. These retailers often run sales on balls, so keep your eyes peeled.

Smaller retailers and golf specialty shops often have used balls at significant discounts. If you don’t mind what brand you play, this can be a great option. Finally, you can look for “x-out” balls. These balls are usually 100% as good as their full price brothers but are a fraction of the price.

Golf is a sport that needs to be played often to see great improvement in your game. It can become a costly hobby for many, but with the ability to save hundreds of dollars each year buying your golf balls online, you will have more money to spend on rounds at the best courses in your area.