Pros Advice: The Top Five Drivers for High Handicappers

by Golf Pros

Best Drivers for High Handicappers

A driver is by far the most-fun club to purchase in the bag. After all, who doesn’t love the feeling of blasting a drive right down the middle of the fairway? While a new driver won’t do all of the work for you, it will give you the best possible chance to hit longer and straighter drives than ever before. With all of the incredible adjustable features of modern drivers, you will be able to make any of the drivers on this list perfect for improving your game.

The Top Five Drivers for High Handicappers

Ping G25 Driver

Ping is one of the most recognized names in the golf business, and this G25 driver represents their first entry into the adjustable-driver game. Ping clubs always look great at address, and this G25 features a high launch flight that is great for high handicappers.

TaylorMade R1

Year after year, TaylorMade leads the way in driver sales, and for good reason. The drivers that come from TaylorMade simply perform, and they look great as well. The R1 is an untraditional design, with triangular lines on the crown of the club. All of the adjustability is present as you would expect from TaylorMade, and the forgiveness on mishits is quite impressive.

Callaway Xtreme Driver

Callaway was one of the first to build a driver with high handicap golfers in mind when they introduced the Big Bertha many years ago. While the Xtreme bears no resemblance to those first oversized metal drivers, it does offer a high ball flight and adjustable club head position. The various lofts and angles that the club can be set to will help you dial in just the right ball flight to improve your game.

Nike Covert Driver

Standing out from the field with a bright red club head, the Covert driver continues Nike’s move into the golf club market. High handicap players love the way the ball explodes off the face of the Covert, and it has all the adjustability of any of the other models on the market.

Adams Super S

Adams is a company that makes great golf clubs, although sometimes a little under the radar. High handicap players will love the Super S because it is among the most forgiving options on the market. The Super S also offers a very low center of gravity, helping players get the lift off the tee that they need for maximum distance.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a new driver won’t help your game. It will not fix your swing to be sure, but a driver that fits your needs and is adjusted perfectly to match your swing can make a huge difference. Hitting just a few more fairways and getting a few more yards on each drive can add up big time at the end of the round.