Review of the Best Hybrid Golf Clubs

by Golf Pros

Best Hybrids

Hybrid clubs have been something of a revolution in the world of golf over the last decade. Once the domain of bad golfers looking for an alternative to long irons that they couldn’t hit, hybrids are now in the bag of just about every Tour pro. They offer more distance and a higher flight than most long irons can produce, while still affording more control than something like a five-wood. If you are shopping for a hybrid club to add to your bag, this review of the best hybrid clubs on the market will be a great reference.

The Best Hybrid Golf Clubs on the Market

TaylorMade RocketBallz Stage 2 Rescue Clubs

The original TaylorMade Rescue club was one of the first ‘hybrids’ ever produced, and they remain a leader in the market. The RocketBallz line has quickly become popular for the forgiving feel that they combine with impressive distance. If you are having trouble hitting your three or four iron, the RocketBallz Stage 2 can save you several strokes in your very next round.

Adams Men’s IDEA Super S Hybrids

Adams clubs have the distinction of being less expensive than other mainstream clubs, yet they are still represented on the Tours because of their quality. The IDEA Super S will be a great weapon for you to use on long par 3’s or when going for a par 5 in two shots. You will see some impressive carry distance from this hybrid, thanks to a high-launch and low-spin combination.

Callaway Men’s X Hot

This hybrid is a great choice for the player that wants the versatility of a hybrid club but isn’t in love with the way they look. Callaway has created the X Hot as a hybrid that looks a little more like a fairway wood than most of the others on the market. You will still get the great hybrid performance that so many players love, but the aesthetics of the club may be more appealing to your eye.

Cobra Men’s Baffler

Along with the TaylorMade Rescue club, the Cobra Baffler was one of the first on the hybrid scene. The Baffler has been updated, and now possesses many of the qualities that are expected in a modern hybrid club. It has heavy weights in the sole to get the ball up in the air quicker, and the thin face will result in some impressive ball speed of the club.

If you don’t already own a hybrid, you are probably giving some strokes away that you could be saving. Long irons are simply hard to hit, even for professionals. Using a good hybrid like any of those on this list will help you hit longer and straight shots to conquer the tough holes on your favorite course.