Secret Golf Tips – What the Pros Use

by Golf Pros

Secret Golf Tips

Have you ever wondered what you favorite Tour player is thinking as he is walking up the fairway? Or maybe how he manages to swing the club so consistently time after time, even under tremendous pressure? You aren’t alone. Many golfers would love to get in the minds of the best players to found out what their secret golf tips really are. While all of their secrets might not ever be known, the three tips below will give you a glimpse inside the minds of the pros.

The Secret Tips of the Golf Professionals

It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

While most professional golf tournaments are played over 72 holes, even 18 holes is a lot of golf. If you have a few bad holes early in the round, you need to keep your head up and stay focused on hitting one good shot at a time. Often the best round a pro golfer will play is one when he bogies the first hole. That mistake will sometimes act as a wakeup call, and the player might go on to make several birdies over the rest of the round. Patience is a virtue, and the more you can bring with you on the golf course, the better off you will be.

Pick Your Spots

Most amateur golfers will simply aim at the flag on every approach shot and hope for the best. Pros take a far more measured strategy that has them aiming away from most of the flags to provide the best chance at hitting the green. Only when the situation is right and the player feels good about the yardage will he aim right at the stick and try and get one in close. By playing more conservatively, pro golfers are able to avoid wasteful bogies that nullify any birdies they make. In your next round, try playing more conservative approach shots and see how many extra greens you can hit over the course of 18 holes.

Slow Down Under Pressure

The human body naturally speeds up when it gets nervous or feels pressure. As you likely understand, moving quicker is not good for your golf swing. You want to remain in your usual tempo from the first hole through the last. One trick that golf pros use is to intentionally do things slower when the pressure is on. Walking slower, talking slower, and even chewing slower can help to keep your body in rhythm and allow you to play your best golf even if you are nervous.

Pro golfers are obviously more skilled in all areas of the game than the average Joe, but they also have a few tricks up their sleeves as well. The three points above are things that you can integrate into your game and see results right away.