Secrets to a Better Golf Swing

by Golf Pros

Golf Swing Instruction

If you are looking for secrets to unlock a better golf swing, consider the points below. While they might not really be ‘secrets’, these are principles that many professional golfers keep in mind when working on their swings. The best golf swings are simple motions that get the club back to the ball with as little extra effort as possible. These three tips keep that idea in mind and offer you a way to focus on one basic fundamental throughout your swing.

Secrets to a Better Golf Swing

Secret #1: Its All in Your Feet

Do you think about your hands, arms, shoulders, head, and more while you are swinging? If the answer is yes, you are probably too busy thinking to make a smooth and relaxed golf swing. Rather than cloud your mind with all of that, focus your thoughts down to your feet. Balance is a key component of any good golf swing, and balance always begins in your feet. While you are swinging the club back, try keeping your weight evenly distributed over your feet. You should feel in control and ready to swing hard while staying under control. Keep your mind on your feet throughout the swing and you will be amazed at how much your contact improves.

Secret #2: Less is more

Many golfers believe that they need to have a super-long backswing in order to create power in the swing. That is simply not true. To create power, you need to impact the ball cleanly and stay on balance throughout. Often it is easy to create power with a shorter backswing that helps you keep your balance and deliver a clean blow to the back of the ball. If you find yourself struggling for balance during your downswing, try stopping your backswing earlier. It might feel like you don’t have much power, but wait to see where the ball goes. You will surprise yourself with the distance that can be generated from a tighter backswing and a balanced follow-through.

Secret #3: Don’t Keep Your Head Down

You might have heard that you need to ‘keep your head down’ in order to hit the ball well. Again, this is something that just isn’t true. In fact, keeping your head down can harm your swing. As you swing through and hit the ball, your whole body is moving toward the target. If you try to hold your head back, you will slow your body down and lose power. You should be keeping your eyes down on the ball, but your head should move along with the rest of your body going through the shot.

With the knowledge of just those three simple tips, you can start to make strides in your game almost immediately. Work on them on the driving range first, and you will be comfortable enough to put them into play on the golf course after just a couple of days. Play well!