The Most Expensive Golf Balls

by Golf Pros

Most Expensive Golf Balls

Golf can certainly be an expensive hobby. Between clubs, greens fees, shoes, and a couple beers after the round, the dollars can really add up. Golf balls can also be an expensive item. Each time you slice a ball into the water, you are flushing money down the drain. If you lose a couple sleeves a round, watch your wallet. While most hackers buy the least expensive balls to limit the damage, there are some high-end options out there. If you buy any of the balls below, beware: you better be able to keep the ball in the fairway or your round might get a lot more expensive.

The Most Expensive Golf Balls

Most Expensive Golf Balls: Dixon Fire – $74.95 per dozen

When Dixon Golf first announced their “Fire” golf ball collection in July 2010, they became the talk of the golf world. They didn’t put together a magical ball that will fly and extra 30 feet, rather they designed an eco-friendly ball to save the environment. The Dixon Fire is made with a proprietary polymer and other recycled materials. The ball is not recommended for use by everyone, as the cost could become astronomical for beginner golfers. Dixon offers cheaper alternatives for their customers, with the Earth and Wind collections.

Most Expensive Golf Balls: Nike One Tour -$50 per dozen

The most expensive ball from Nike used to be the 20XI, but the One Tour has eclipsed their previous high price. This ball features a four piece construction and is designed to be the most complete ball ever to reach your bag. Its compression is optimized for increased distance no matter what club you use. The biggest downfall to this ball is some say it often spins too much to control.

Most Expensive Golf Balls: TaylorMade Lethal – $48 per dozen

One of the premiere names in golfing equipment and accessories, TaylorMade produced the Lethal ball with the new style of golf in mind. This ball is ideal for the golfer that hits high launch balls without a lot of spin. It is a five layer ball that was designed to launch off the angles of today’s clubs better than others.

Most Expensive Golf Balls: Volvik Vista IV – $48 per dozen

Ever heard of the Volvik Vista? We didn’t think so but this ball will set you back close to $50 per dozen. The Vista features a dual core that is different than those typically seen today. It has a softer outer core that wraps around the firmer inner core. The purpose is to improve energy transfer from the inner core of the ball. It is used by more than a dozen players on the LPGA Tour, but not by many on the PGA Tour.

Most Expensive Golf Balls: Titleist ProV1 -$48 per dozen

Of all the balls on this list, the ProV1 from Titleist may be the most sought after and is the most widely used ball on the PGA Tour. The new version of this ball has a softer compression core which leads to less spin. There are two versions of this ball: the Pro V1 and Pro V1x, with the difference being that the Pro V1 is designed to spin more than the Pro V1x.