The Most Expensive Golf Clubs in the World

by Golf Pros

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Greens fees, $100. Golf clubs, $1,000. The most expensive golf clubs in the world? Just you wait and see. We all love the game, and spend thousands of dollars each year practicing, playing, and buying equipment. And there are some that go a little more crazy than others. In the world of ultra-expensive golf clubs, one name stands out. And this brand is hit by the likes of Jack Nicholson, Roger Clemens, Donald Trump, and a few others that choose to remain anonymous.

The Most Expensive Golf Clubs in the World: Honma 5 Stars

How much you ask? How about $32,000 for a full 14-piece, custom set. This Japanese company works with some of them most exclusive players, and clubs on the planet. Not only are these clubs cut to fit your exact swing, game, and measurements, but also made of platinum and gold. But just because you need a security guard to escort you and your Honma 5s to the club, they don’t hold a candle to what are the most expensive individual golf clubs in the world.

The Most Expensive Individual Golf Clubs in the World: Individual Clubs

Now that you know what Honma 5 stars will set you back, individual clubs can cost more. We looked around for single clubs that can break the bank. Immediately we located the second most expensive single golf club in the world. It is a special edition of Barth & Sons’ Golden Putter. Barth & Sons have created for the passionate golf players The Golden Putter, a personalized and exclusive golf Putter. Customized to fit the client’s tastes, the hand-crafted Golden Putter can be embellished with even more amazing materials such as gems, diamonds or gold application. Each Golden Putter is custom made in Germany with a 5 micrometer thick coating of 24 carat gold on the shaft. The costly club comes in a case made of cherry wood.

But the club that takes the cake isn’t for a person named Tiger, Jack, Donald, or Arnold. It’s actually for the ladies. The First Lady Special Edition retains the golden shaft but the leather grip is a bright pink. The head also features crystal inlays. A diamond version of the First Lady Special Edition sells for $150,000 making it the most expensive single golf club in the world.

So don’t fret. Just because your clubs cost a million doesn’t mean they’re going to make you play like a million. And we’ve heard that many more rounds with these clubs were over par than under!