The Most Expensive Golf Drivers

by Golf Pros

Most Expensive Golf Drivers

One of the most exciting parts of golf is blasting a drive right down the middle of the fairway. Thanks to the new technology that is coming into the game, there are a wealth of drivers available for you to choose from and try and make your drives the best they can be. The downside, of course, is that technology is expensive. The drivers on this list are excellent clubs that can add real improvement to your game, and they are also some of the most expensive golf drivers on the market today. Despite the price tag, you just might decide that one of these clubs needs to find a home in your bag.

The Cost of Power – Most Expensive Golf Drivers

Titleist 910D2

Titleist is known for a couple things in the golf world – making some of the best clubs on the market, and making some of the most expensive clubs on the market. The 910D2 driver is no different, as it has been used extensively on Tour because of its classic design yet progressive abilities. If you want to combine traditional looks and adjustable technology, the 910D2 is a great choice.

TaylorMade R1

Billed as the most adjustable driver of all-time, the TaylorMade R1 is a combination of all of the different technologies TaylorMade has been cultivating over the years. You can pull the shaft in and out, adjust the ball flight, loft, lie, and just about anything else. There is no need to custom order an R1, because you can do all of the customizing once it is in your possession.


The jet-black G25 looks more spaceship than golf club, but it has the technology under the hood to perform like a $400 club should. The G25 is PING’s first foray into the adjustable driver game, but the club holds true to PING tradition with a profile that will be familiar to brand loyalists. An array of shafts are available to make sure your investment is justified with great performance on the course.

Nike Covert VR S

Marketed as a ‘cavity back’ driver, the Covert VR S has a hefty price tag but is accumulating the accolades to match. According to Nike, the design of the Covert provides more forgiveness than does a normal driver, while still delivering on the distance that you expect. Just as with the rest of the drivers on the list, the Covert is adjustable for both face angle and loft.

Investing in a $400+ driver isn’t for everyone. However, if you are comfortable with spending that much money on your game, any of the four drivers above can make an excellent choice. Find a place to try them all out and determine exactly which club will suit your game the best and allow you to swing with confidence off every tee.