The Most Expensive Golf Putters

by Golf Pros

Most Expensive Golf Putters

Golf doesn’t always make sense. When a driver costs upwards of $400-$500 or more, it is at least understandable because that club hits the ball the most distance. But a putter for over $300? It only rolls the ball across the grass! While that is true, putters are delicate instruments that require an impressive amount of engineering and design to execute perfectly. If you take your golf game seriously and wish to gain an advantage over your competition, one of these expensive golf putters just might have your name on it.

Money Sticks – Golf’s Most Expensive Putters

Titleist Scotty Cameron Select

The Scotty Cameron line from Titleist is easily the most famous name in the putter industry, and typically comes with the largest price tag. New Scotty Cameron putters start at $300 and go up from there. They are pieces of artwork as much as they are golf clubs, with some golfers taking to collecting them and hanging them on the wall instead putting them in the bag. Countless Tour pros use Cameron putters, a testament to their performance living up to their beauty.

Axis1 Umbra Putters

This putter doesn’t follow in the footsteps of Scotty Cameron in one category – because it is just downright ugly. However, it does carry the $300 price tag and a unique design that offers a ‘perfectly balanced’ stroke. The putter shaft is looped forward at the bottom, and the putter head is offset significantly in order to keep the putter from opening and closing during the stroke. This is the type of putter that some players will swear by, and some will hate with a passion.

PING Anser Series Milled Putters

This collection of putters is kind-of PING’s answer to the Scotty Cameron line. In fact, they visually look very similar to the Cameron putters. Again, this group of fine instruments comes in around the $300 retail mark, and these can also be seen in the bags of many Tour pros. For the PING loyalist who wants a Scotty Cameron type putter, the Anser Milled Series is a good option.

Txema Men’s JMO Tour Milled Putter

A relatively unknown club maker, Txema is offering a limited edition of these Tour model putters that are plated in titanium nickel. This luxury putter is yet again marketed for $300, and promises to deliver a feel that isn’t possible from any of the other putter offerings.

Can you roll the ball into the hole with a $20 putter that you find at a garage sale? Yeah, probably. However, these top-end putters will come to you with a great feel, tremendous balance, and good looks to boot. You don’t have to have an expensive golf putter to play well, but it just could be the thing that puts your game over the top.