The Secret to Better Golf Putting

by Golf Pros

Secret to Better Golf Putting

Putting is the key to unlocking better golf scores. While you can practice your swing and hit beautiful shots all day, they won’t do you much good if you can’t putt. A good putt can convert a birdie opportunity, or save a par after a nice chip. On the other side, bad putting can destroy confidence and leave you not enjoying the game as much as you once did. However, armed with the number one secret to better golf putting, you will be able to conquer even the toughest greens with ease.

Putting’s Biggest Secret

Most golfers understand that the line of the putt needs to be read in order to have a chance for the ball to go in. They will crouch down behind the ball to line it up, and examine the hole from all angles looking for the right break. During this process, one thing is overlooked time and time again – the speed of the putt. Getting the right speed on your putts is the biggest secret to more consistent putting in your very next round.

Spend Your Time on the Speed

If you spend one minute reading a putt, at least half that time should be spend analyzing the speed. It is actually easier to get the line correct with just a quick look, so use your preparation to think about how hard the putt needs to be hit. When you get just the right speed, the ball will have a good chance to go in and will be in tap in range if it misses.

Check for Grain

Slope has an obvious effect on the speed of a putt, but the grain of the grass can be just as important. Does the green look shiny when you are looking from your ball toward the hole? You are likely putting down grain and can expect more speed than normal. Likewise, a dull looking green will mean you are putting into the grain and will need more speed to get it to the hole.

Other Speed Factors

  • Rain will slow the greens down, so expect to hit putts harder if the greens remain wet during the round
  • If you like to hit your putts with careful speed so that they die right at the hole, play more break to allow for the break to have a stronger effect
  • Strong wind can actually effect the roll of the ball, so adjust your speed accordingly in heavy breezes
  • The best putters are the ones that can control the speed on their putts throughout the round. It is almost impossible to three putt when you have the speed right, and your putts will fall in more often when not traveling too fast around the hole. Spend more practice time focused on speed than line and you will be a better putter from this day forward.