Top 5 Golf Drivers for Mid Handicappers 2013

by Golf Pros

Golf Driver Mid Handicappers

No club sees more technological change every year than the golf driver. Club manufacturers spend millions to continually enhance the performance and distance available from the “Big Dog” in your bag. Below is a list of the top new golf drivers geared towards players with mid handicaps. Take these for a spin and we’re sure you’ll be hitting it longer this year.

Review: Top 5 Drivers for Mid Handicap Players 2013

Callaway RAZR Fit Extreme Driver

Callaway’s first adjustable driver is good enough to dwell in Phil Mickelson’s bag. You can change the face angle to open, neutral or closed and use the two adjustable weights to alter ball flight. This club has a taller face and is a bit more compact than some of its competitors at 440cc, allowing for better ball workability. The launch angle and spin are in the low to mid range. Retail price: $399.

Cleveland Classic XL Custom Driver

The Classic XL Custom is Cleveland’s initial adjustable driver as well. It offers an impressive 12 face-angle settings from -2.25 degrees open to 2.25 degrees closed. This is a 460cc head with a wide, deep face. The Classic XL looks great and has tremendous feel at impact. It generally produces a high ball flight and spin and launch angle in the low to mid range. Retail price: $329.

Nike VR_S Covert Tour Driver

The most compact of the drivers reviewed here, the Nike VR_S Covert Tour Driver measures 430cc and offers both face angle and ball flight adjustability. The driver offers good forgiveness for off-center shots with low sidespin. Nike’s new design produces a lower ball flight with low spin and launch angle. The club’s striking red color makes it stand out from its competitors. This club is ideal for a high spin, high launch player. Retail price: $399.

Ping Anser Driver

Also debuting its first adjustable driver, the Ping Anser is a terrific club that gets rave reviews for adding more distance to your drives. The Anser allows the player to adjust the loft +/- 0.5 degrees. This club produces lower spin and lower flight than some of its peers. This club is ideal for the lower handicap player who wants good forgiveness and more distance with only a few adjustability options. Retail price: $399.

Titleist 913D3 Driver

The Titleist 913D3 is a true “players” club. A compact 445cc, the 913D3 has amazing playability with incredible accuracy and consistency, while also providing a few extra yards of distance. The club produces low spin and launch angle, resulting in a lower, boring trajectory. An all around great performer that will make a good player better. Retail price: $399.

Take advantage of the technological advances the golf manufacturers come up with each year. Today’s new drivers offer more distance and forgiveness and should help take your game to the next level.