Top 5 Golf Irons for High Handicappers 2013

by Golf Pros

Callaway X Hot Irons

Every year the golf club industry develops amazing new technology to help the average duffer score better and have more fun. This year is no different and below is a list of the top game improvement irons. So before you buy a new set, review this list and then go test them out at your local pro shop.

Top 5 Game Improvement Golf Irons 2013

Callaway X Hot

Always a leader in golf club technology, Callaway’s newest irons uphold its well-deserved reputation. The X Hot irons seem to effortlessly produce a high ball flight, particularly useful from the rough. But these clubs biggest strength is accuracy. Mis-hits stay on-target and don’t lose significant distance. These clubs keep the same general appearance of past Callaway offerings with a relatively thick topline and deep cavity.

Ping G25

Ping is a legendary name in golf and the G25s might make you a legend at your course. These irons are great for getting the ball in the air and are so forgiving that you’ll get results you may not deserve! The long irons are surprisingly easy to hit. Like all Ping clubs, they feel great at impact and the dark finish is quite attractive.

TaylorMade RocketBladez

TaylorMade is always at the forefront of game improvement technology. While the RocketBladez are game improvement irons, they play more like a blade with the ability to draw the ball with ease. They also reduce side-spin on reasonably solid shots, keeping you in the hole. Most importantly, these clubs produce great length when struck well and good length when you don’t. TaylorMade has improved the look of these irons from its predecessors.

Mizuno JPX-825 Pro Irons

Mizuno is revered for the playability and look of its irons and the JPX-825’s don’t disappoint. These are the most playable irons you’ll find in the game improvement category with a crisp, satisfying feel and sound at impact. Great distance and forgiveness in a club that looks like a tour pro’s.

Adams Idea Tech V4 Forged Irons

Adams has a well-deserved name as a leader in the game-improvement iron category. The Idea Tech V4 Forged Irons produce a mid-high trajectory, particularly the long-iron hybrids, and are wonderful from the rough. Accuracy and distance is solid on mis-hits. The feel at impact is smooth and the look is not too offset or too big.

If you haven’t hit a new set of irons recently, do yourself a favor and head to the local pro shop to try these game improvement irons. You’ll be amazed at what a little technology can do to your results.