Top 5 Hottest Golf Putters for 2013

by Golf Pros

Hottest Golf Putters

If you ask most golfers – amateur or professional – one of the most difficult aspects of the game is putting. Putting is something that works out well for some, while others are three-putting every other green. Every year, manufacturers introduce new putters designed to help you master this most difficult skill. Below are some of the hottest golf putters available this year.

2013 Hottest Golf Putters

Nike Method Midnight Series Putter

According to Golf Digest, this is one of the best putters on the market this year and after using it, is easy to see why. Made of only the best material (8620 stainless steel) and featuring Nike’s traditional grooved-face, this putter will help you get closer than ever on those long putts.

Odyssey Versa Series

This traditional styled putter is available at less than 60 percent of the cost of the Nike putter and provide just as nice of a feel. The putter adds some intrigue and décor to your bag with its vertically striped colors. You can either get this in black/white/black or white/black/white, but no matter what color combination you get, your playing partners will want to use this when they see you sink a 30 footer. The clubface even comes with different colors that Odyssey says are meant to help you start the ball on the right line.

Ping Scottsdale TR

Ping is known to put out quality irons and wedges. Their putters are being seen in more bags on the amateur circuit, especially this model. It has an aluminum club face with grooves that are meant to help guide the ball better on the green. Mis-hits with this putter – especially from long range – won’t automatically lead to a three-putt. The club is built to withstand and counteract any mis-hits within reason.

Titleist Scotty Cameron Select GoLo Putter

Since being introduced to golfers everywhere in 1932, Titleist has been known as one of the best brands in golf. This mallet putter is meant to give you the best performance of any putter on the market today. It has a sleek black head comes with adjustable sole weights in the heel and toe. When you hit the ball the right way with this putter, it makes a velvety, rewarding sound. This club is so good your playing partners will be wondering where you got this piece of golfing art.

TaylorMade Ghost Spider S Slant Putter

This wouldn’t be a list about golf products without the TaylorMade name. This putter has a unique design that is matched by no other company. It has a steel frame with an aluminum center plate. The slant model is considered to be the best spider model put out by TaylorMade. A single put with it will prove that.

Any of these putters will be the perfect addition to your golf bag. If you don’t believe it, just simply try one out at your local pro shop, and you’ll be hearing that sweet rattle of the ball in the cup more often.