Top Celebrity Golf Courses

by Golf Pros

Celebrity Golf Courses

Golf has long been a game that is popular with celebrities. Certainly part of that is due to the status of the game long being associated with wealthy people and country clubs, but it is also because golf is just a great way to relax. Four or five hours on the grass under the sun will take some stress away from even people under the brightest spotlights. So when celebrities want to tee it up, where do they go? The following five celebrity golf courses have been known to see more than their fair share of stars.

Top Golf Celebrity Golf Courses

Lakeside Golf Club, Burbank, CA

Not surprisingly, many of the celebrity golf courses are centered in the L.A. area. One such course is the Lakeside Golf Club which boasts such members as Justin Timberlake, Jack Nicholson, Ray Romano, and more. The course is located in Burbank, near much of the action in Hollywood.

Angeles National Golf Club, Sunland, CA

Another of the famous L.A. clubs that cater to the Hollywood set, Angeles National is a traditional golf experience where the outside world is blocked out as much as possible. Only a short drive from downtown L.A., this club has members like Will Ferrell and Don Cheadle on its rolls.

Fisher Island Golf Course, Fisher Island, FL

Fisher Island is an ultra-exclusive community off the coast of Miami in Southern Florida. The small, man-made island has one of the higher per-capita incomes in the country among its 200 or so residents. Only reachable by boat or helicopter, Fisher Island Golf Course is a sure place to spot celebrities out for some recreation and fun under the sun. The list of current and past residents is impressive, including Oprah, Julia Roberts, Pavel Bure, Andre Agassi, Boris Becker, and many more.

Pebble Beach Golf Links, Monterey, CA

While you won’t find too many celebrities living in the Monterey area full time, many of them have second homes in this beautiful part of the world. The Pebble Beach Celebrity Pro-Am is contested on the PGA Tour each year, but you will see celebrities coming to this paradise for a vacation any time of the year. With one of the most famous courses in the world and scenery to match, it’s no surprise the rich and famous congregate here.

Shadow Creek, Las Vegas, NV

If there is one place outside of L.A. that you are most likely to spot celebrities, it’s Vegas. The Shadow Creek Golf Course, built by hotel-tycoon Steve Wynn, is a favorite of celebrities because of its exclusive nature. In fact, on weekends the course is available by invitation only. Names like Michael Jordan, George Clooney, Matt Damon, Bill Clinton, and more have taken to the Shadow Creek fairways over the years.

If you are inclined towards celebrity watching, golf courses are as good a place as any to spot a star. The courses above are some of their favorite hideouts, not coincidentally in some of the most beautiful places in the country.