Top Golf Betting Games

by Golf Pros

Golf Betting Games

Golf is a game that was tailor-made for a friendly wager between playing partners. There are endless ways you can make a bet on a golf course, and having a couple bucks riding on the outcome makes everyone a little more engaged. The trash-talking that can build up over the course of a round is sometimes more fun than the golf itself! Try any of these three golf betting games during your next round and see if you can hold up under the pressure. Good luck!

Three Great Golf Betting Games

Bingo, Bango, Bongo

This game with a funny name sounds complicated, but is actually quite simple. The breakdown is as follows –

  • Bingo – Longest drive, but the ball has to be in the fairway
  • Bango – First player to safely reach the green
  • Bongo – First player in the hole

A player gets one point for accomplishing any of those feats. So, for example, if one player has the longest drive on a hole, and is the first to hit the green and make his putt, he will receive all three points possible. For this game to work, it is important that the player farthest from the hole always play first. Each point can be given a dollar amount, and the bet is settled up at the end of the round.


This game requires at least three people in a group to play. Before the round starts, use a scorecard to mark out who will be the ‘defender’ on each hole. For example, in a group of three, each player will defend six holes. The idea behind this game is that to successfully defend the hole, the player defending has to beat the other two players on the hole. If successful, the defender gets two points. If not, each of the other two players gets one point. Just as with the previous wager, you can decide how much a point is worth and pay up at the end of the round.

Tee Shot Partners

This is a game that can only be played with a foursome. It is an individual competition, but played on a rotating team basis. Every hole, all four players hit their tee shots without knowing who will be partners. When the tee shots are finished, the two balls to the left are partners, and the two balls to the right are partners. The hole is finished, and a point is given to each player on the winning team (no points for a tie). As always, points are given a dollar amount and bets are settled at the 19th hole.

You don’t have to gamble to have fun on the golf course, but it certainly adds a level of excitement. Try any of these three golf betting games next time you and your buddies get out for a round and see who cracks under the pressure and who thrives!