What Cars are Top Golf Pros Driving?

by Golf Pros

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When you are known as one of the best golfers in the world, there are certain perks and rewards available to you beyond just fame and fortune. If you were a huge car lover growing up and became a star playing golf, you will have the chance to show off your money like other top golfers and buy some of the most incredible cars available. What cars are the pros driving?

What Cars are Top Golf Pros Driving?

Ian Poulter

The 37-year-old Poulter turned professional in 1995 and hasn’t looked back since. He has had a long-tenured career that has allowed him to purchase some of the nicest “toys” in the auto industry. To see what car this pro is driving will depend on the day, as he has added several cars to his collection over the years. Among his most impressive cars are the Ferrari FF, Jaguar XFR, Ford Mustang with blue racing stripes, Rolls Royce, and more.

Bubba Watson

While Poulter may spend the most money regularly on his vehicles, Watson is the owner of one of the greatest pieces of American pop culture history, the General Lee. The 2012 Masters Championship winner purchased the car from The Dukes of Hazzard at an auction for $110,000. For anyone that grew up watching the classic television series, this car was something that you would have wanted in your garage. Along with the General Lee, Watson also has an amazing everyday car with a Mercedes G-Class.

Rickie Fowler

The 2010 PGA Tour Rookie of the Year has made enough money in his short professional career to make some large automobile purchases. Among his prized possessions are a GT3 Porsche and a Nissan GT-R which was completely customized by one of the leading companies in that area, Notorious Motoring. His Nissan is completely blacked out ensuring nobody on the highway knows who they are driving next to. It’s safe to say that Fowler is doing well for himself at only age 24.

Anthony Kim

At 27, the American golfer has a lot of years left to improve his world ranking, but he didn’t waste any time in purchasing beautiful automobiles. In 2010, Kim and a few of his friends were featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated Golf in his prized possession, his brand new Black Bentley.

When it comes to what the pros are driving, it all depends on their own personal style. A lot of the cars can be customized to give them whatever look they desire, while others like General Lee make jaws drop to the floor on their own without any additional work.